Why Linux VPS Server Cloud Hosting?

D.D. Dwase
3 min readOct 24, 2023

Linux VPS hosting is a popular choice among website owners who have outgrown their shared web hosting.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers the perfect balance between a shared hosting plan and a dedicated server.

VPS hosting offers you complete control over the server at a significantly reduced price compared to a dedicated server.

Although Windows operating system is dominant in desktop computers, Linux has an advantage over Windows in the server domain.

There are several reasons why Linux VPS server cloud hosting is a popular choice.

Linux VPS Server is More Affordable

When purchasing a VPS, it is necessary to install various softwares in order to host and manage a website.

If you choose Windows VPS hosting, note that licences are required for each software installed on the VPS. This will increase your overall cost.

If you choose Linux VPS hosting, you won’t have to worry about licences. Open source operating systems do not require any licence to run. This can help reduce the overall cost of hosting.

Linux VPS Server Is Known For Its Lightweight Nature

The cost of operating a server is influenced by various factors, such as the CPU (computer processing unit), RAM (random access memory), hard drives and other hardware components.

It is only natural to want to maximise the use of the resources you have paid for.

One of the advantages of Linux is its system resource friendliness. Running applications on a server consumes less power when compared to a Windows server.

Linux VPS Hosting Is Effective In Preventing Viruses

Malware and viruses can be disruptive to servers.

In order to ensure the safety of VPS, it is necessary to install significant amount of security software on Windows servers to protect against viruses.

When you opt for Linux VPS hosting, you won’t encounter these issues. The architecture of the system is widely regarded as being more resistant to malware and viruses.

When purchasing a VPS, consider security as a crucial factor.

The logical choice for both a simple blog and a full-service e-commerce website is a Linux VPS server.

Linux VPS Hosting Offers A Wide Range of Features

In majority of cases, there is no need to install extra software when you choose Linux VPS hosting.

Once you have successfully migrated your website to a Linux server, it will be up and running promptly.

Linux has been the preferred platform for web developers since the early days of the Internet.

It is widely recognised that many popular Internet technologies were created and specifically designed to operate on the Linux operating system.

Some of the programming languages and technologies that are included are PHP, Perl, MySQL and Java.

Linux VPS Hosting Offers A User-Friendly Experience

When selecting a VPS server, consider the user interface as one of the factors.

Many individuals hold the belief that Linux continues to utilise a command-line interface.

However, it is possible to control the server using a browser window through Hepsia CP or cPanel.

Linux VPS hosting offers several advantages over Windows VPS hosting. It is not surprising that Linux is popular when purchasing a VPS.

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