Why Choose A Dedicated Web Server?

D.D. Dwase
2 min readOct 30, 2023

There are numerous advantages to choosing a dedicated web server for your web hosting needs.

Why Choose A Dedicated Web Server?

A dedicated server refers to a single web server within a network of computers that is exclusively allocated to you.

Dedicated servers are commonly utilised by large businesses due to their ability to cater to various requirements.

Why A Dedicated Web Server?

Use a dedicated server instead of a shared server, as it provides the ability to install data applications.

A dedicated server offers complete control over the operating system of the server.

You have the ability to customise both the software and hardware setup in order to meet your specific requirements.

If you require a significant amount of bandwidth and data storage, a dedicated server is the optimal choice.

With a dedicated web server, you have the freedom to not share resources and can also be granted permission to install necessary software with administrative and superior flexibility options.

You have the option to choose between managed dedicated servers and unmanaged dedicated servers.

When choosing between the two types of dedicated servers, it is important to take into account specific factors such as space and bandwidth, operating system and hardware options.

Dedicated servers enable you to effectively manage password access and firewalls, enhancing security measures.

If you have a dedicated server, you will require individuals with technical skills to handle all the technical issues and operations related to the server.

How Does A Dedicated Web Server Function?

For example, let’s consider a company called Mylo Cars that operates a chain of dealerships.

In this case, the parent company will have its own website, and each dealership will also have its own individual website.

Hence, the website for the parent company will be “www.mylocars.com”.

If there is a dealership in Australia, its website will be “www.mylocarsaustralia.com”.

Similarly, if there is an additional dealership in Kentucky, its website will be named “www.mylocarskentucky.com”.

In this case, both the dealership in Australia and the dealership in Kentucky will have access to the same online tools.

A dedicated server is widely utilised by a majority of large businesses and companies due to its ability to enhance security.

Choose a dedicated web server that provides reliable performance, stable network connectivity, and the convenience of running advanced applications.

Choosing a dedicated server web hosting provider is the best option if you want to effectively reach potential customers and enhance your online presence.



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