5 Valuable Tips For Choosing The Best Web Hosting Services Company

Choosing a competent website hosting company is literally the backbone of any internet business. Find out whether or not your hosting company makes the cut.

D.D. Dwase
3 min readOct 27, 2023

If you are interested in creating a website or a personal blog, here are five valuable tips to help you choose the perfect web hosting company.

When creating a company website or a multi-million dollar social network, it is crucial to select the appropriate hosting company for your website.

Failure to establish this crucial foundation can result in frequent downtime for your website, or even worse, the loss of all your important data.

In the following five tips, I will guide you on making an informed decision when selecting a company to responsibly manage your website or blog.

Tip #1: What Does Their Advertising Campaign Entail?

If you visit your local bookstore and browse the magazine section, you will likely come across several magazines specifically designed for web developers.

Frequently, these magazines contain advertisements from web hosting companies that proudly showcase their impressive statistics, such as “99.9% server uptime” and more.

If a company is not running a legitimate operation, it is unlikely that they would have the financial means to afford this type of advertising.

Additionally, if the magazine starts receiving a significant amount of negative feedback about the company, they would promptly remove the ad.

Any hosting company that you discover using this method is likely to be a reliable choice for your business.

This is because companies with a larger customer base are more motivated to ensure that their servers are operational 24/7 and have effective data backup procedures in place.

Tip #2: What Is The General Consensus Among Others Regarding Their Reputation?

To determine the reliability of your web hosting company, it is highly recommended to review the feedback and ratings provided by other users.

Search for your host’s name followed by the word “review” to determine whether the feedback is positive or not.

Tip #3 — What Is The Cost of Their Shared Hosting?

In recent times, the cost of website hosting has significantly decreased, making it possible to find a reliable hosting company for less than $7 per month, even for small sites.

However, be aware of a scam employed by certain untrustworthy hosting companies. This scam involves overloading the number of shared hosting accounts.

By paying a small monthly fee, you can enjoy a generous amount of storage space and bandwidth.

However, note that the hosting provider assumes that you will only utilise a fraction of the allocated resources.

Consequently, they tend to accommodate more shared accounts on a single server than it can actually handle if all users were to fully utilise their allotted capacity.

This implies that if another user with a shared account exceeds their bandwidth limit, it could potentially cause your website to go offline.

It is not a reliable choice for you if you require consistent uptime.

Tip #4 — What Type of Guarantee Do They Provide?

Even today, the website hosting industry continues to operate with a certain level of anonymity.

There are numerous unfortunate accounts of individuals who have experienced the devastating loss of their valuable data and, as a result, their entire business in a matter of hours.

However, if your hosting company has a plan to deceive customers and abscond with their money, it is highly unlikely that they will provide a refund policy and money-back guarantee that is fair to customers.

To determine the reliability of your hosting company, review their refund policy and assess whether they adhere to high standards of transparency and accountability.

Tip #5 — Do You Feel Confident In Entrusting Them With Your Business?

One of the most crucial tips to consider is trusting your gut feeling when assessing the competence of a company.

If the website is poorly designed and lacks customer service, it may not be a reliable choice for you.

Even if a web hosting company has all the features and functionalities on their website, consider their responsiveness to your enquiries.

If they fail to promptly reply to your enquiries, it could indicate that they are not a trustworthy or dependable web hosting company.

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