5 Key Reasons Why Cloud VPS Is Superior To Traditional VPS

D.D. Dwase
3 min readOct 25, 2023
5 Key Reasons Why Cloud VPS Is Superior To Traditional VPS

The popularity of cloud technology is increasing rapidly, revolutionising the way we use everyday items such as TVs, mobiles, watches and games.

There are several reasons why Cloud has been rapidly accepted.

These reasons include economic advantages, speed, agility, greater uptime, scalability, independence of location and greater collaboration.

Due to these compelling reasons, organisations are transitioning from traditional technology to cloud services that offer new and advanced technologies.

So if you are also thinking to go for traditional VPS hosting for your website, think again!

Consider opting for a cloud environment to fulfill your hosting requirements and embrace the latest trend in technology.

What Is Cloud VPS?

A Cloud VPS refers to a Virtual Private Server that is configured within a cloud environment.

By utilising Cloud VPS, your website can take advantage of all the benefits offered by a VPS server while also overcoming the limitations typically associated with a virtual private server.

This will greatly assist in meeting the increasing demands of your website.

Cloud VPS vs Traditional VPS

When comparing Cloud VPS and Traditional VPS, there are a few key differences to consider.

There are five compelling reasons that contributed to Cloud VPS surpassing Traditional VPS…

1. Self-Healing Hardware

The fault tolerance of Cloud VPS is comparable to having a backup electrical generator that supplies power to a building in case there is a failure in the grid power supply.

Cloud VPS allows you to effectively manage failures and reduce their impact on the system.

Cloud VPS hosting is a reliable hosting solution designed to ensure uninterrupted service.

In the event of a component or node failure, the virtual machine seamlessly transfers to another node.

Therefore, there is no downtime and, ultimately, no loss of service. :-)

2. Scalable And Centralized Storage

Scalable and centralised storage is a system that allows for the efficient expansion of storage capacity while maintaining a centralised location for data management.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had unlimited space for your business data?

Cloud VPS offers a secure and centrally managed storage solution that is both safe and easy to use.

With this, you have the ability to…

  • Ensure efficient data management.
  • Eliminate the need for storing multiple discs.
  • Upgrade to a high-speed network and increase your backup bandwidth for faster performance.
  • Access a fast and convenient file sharing service from any location worldwide.
  • Allocate resources based on requirements.

The ability to access and manage data from various locations can significantly enhance a company’s workflow, leading to increased effectiveness.

3. Load Balancing

The consistent growth of your business will result in a higher volume of traffic on your website.

However, this increase in traffic has the potential to overload your VPS, which can negatively impact your website’s performance.

What is the solution?

In the past, it was customary to upgrade your server plan.

Cloud VPS hosting efficiently distributes workloads, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) requests, traffic spikes, or database queries, across multiple resources, nodes or servers.

This distribution ensures that each resource operates optimally, resulting in enhanced performance overall.

4. Pre-Defined Templates For Instant Server Provisioning

Plan your Cloud VPS by selecting from a variety of pre-configured and customised templates such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Opencart and more.

Using these templates on your website not only gives it a professional look, but also significantly reduces the time it takes to set up and launch new server instances.

They can be installed automatically with just one click.

5. Prompt Unlimited Scalability

The ability to adapt your plans based on changes in business size and needs is a significant advantage of cloud computing, especially during unexpected increase in demand.

Cloud VPS hosting allows you to easily adjust the resources such as bandwidth, disc space, CPU (Central Processing Unit), and RAM (Random-Access Memory) based on the needs of your business.

Cloud VPS hosting is undoubtedly a step ahead of conventional virtual private server hosting.

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